Pro Rep Jelly Pots, 17g Strawberry Jar Pk.75

  • Pro Rep Jelly Pots, 17g Strawberry Jar Pk.75
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Ready to use, high protein flavoured jelly ideal as a treat for reptiles or as food for invertebrates. ProRep Jelly pots are manufactured from a high quality vegetable gel which is then fortified with protein and flavoured using fruit extract or other natural flavours. They can be used as a food for a wide range of plant or fruit eating invertebrates and as a treat for herbivorous lizards.

Directions: Remove the film lid before use. Always position the jelly pot in the enclosure so it is accessible to the animals. Remove uneaten jelly after 48 hours. Invertebrates: Place the open pot in the enclosure. Crested Geckos, Day Geckos, Anoles, etc: These species lick the jelly surface. Use the ProRep jelly pot holder to keep the jelly pots in the correct position, especially with arboreal animals. Other Species: remove the jelly by pressing on the bottom of the pot. It is best to feed the jelly on a dish to prevent contamination by the substrate. 75 jellies in a counter top "cookie jar" style plastic jar. Refils are available.


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