Silent Brown Crickets Small (4-5mm). Pre pack approx 250.

  • Silent Brown Crickets Small (4-5mm).   Pre pack approx 250.
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Due to the virus that has attacked cricket colonies in the UK and Europe we now breed 3 species of cricket that we classify as a brown cricket, their particular characteristics are outlined below....Acheata domestica. This is the cricket that has been affected by the virus, and is also the species that has been cultured for the longest. It is a good all round feeder cricket, easily managed and readily accepted by most insectivorous animals. Unfortunately this cricket is not presently available.Gryllodes sigillatus. Known as the banded cricket this is one of the newest crickets to be cultured. A good feeder cricket readily accepted by most animals. Its quick jerky movements do initiate a good feeding response. Gryllus assimillus. Also known as the silent cricket as it's call is very soft. This cricket we classify as a brown cricket however in its juvenile stages it is black. This cricket does share many characteristic with black crickets, it grows at least as large and is quite capable of a sharp nip.


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