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Versa Rack
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Versa Rack! Awesome snake racks, specifically designed with expansion, versatility and cost in mind. 
With the Versa rack you can buy 1 level, 50 levels or more and they will all connect together either vertically or horizontally. Perfect for any budget and no limitations to being stuck with the size you just purchased.

Tub Size: 300mm x 300mm x 120mm

10H Includes:
10 x VR40 Vented Tops
10 x VR40 Tubs
1 x VR40 base
10 x VR40 Heat Mats
40 x VR legs
10 x VR Locking Pins

The VR40 can also be bought as individual add on levels for £50 which includes:
1 x VR40 Vented Top
1 x VR40 Tub
1 x VR40  Heat Mat
4VR legs
1 VR locking pin
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